RSSnews reader in his lounge

Your favorite websites in a newspaper

RSSnews is a printable PDF newspaper, made and laid out from RSS feeds of your choice.
The strength of its generation engine is to be able to extract complete articles from related websites, so you can fully enjoy the comfort of a real newspaper.

If you are interested in automated and customized production of RSSnews for your own website, be aware that it is entirely possible to improve and edit the layout, specifically to your site.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to know more about it.

Test it without waiting

You can also choose a random RSS feed.

How it works

Only few steps are required for RSSnews making, the most complex being obviously automated:

  1. Get the RSS feed from your favorite website.
    You can also use one of the random RSS feeds provided as a demonstration.
  2. Full versions of related articles are extracted.
    If you uncheck the "Full text" option, only RSS feeds content will be used to build your newspaper.
  3. They are sized, reorganized, and formatted.
    The demonstration uses an A4 / 3 columns formatting, which can easily be changed as required, as well as the logos, colors, and fonts.
  4. The PDF file for your RSSnews newspaper is generated.
    You can read it without waiting, save it, or...
  5. For better reading comfort, you can print it.
    Printing in color is obviously better for nice-looking, but is not a mandatory for reading comfort.
  6. Enjoy your favorite internet content, in RSSnews newspaper !
    Convenient in transportations, and relaxing in a good sofa.